About US

Prospero Solutions

The First Risk Management
Startup in Indonesia

The first risk management startup in indonesia, which aim to help
all business sectors to understand, mitigate, monitor and report
company risks in a better way.

It is a fruit of lifetime research from an expert in the industry that
manages to conclude the main problem regarding risk
management, especially in finance businesses.

From Indonesia and for Indonesia, as the first startup that
focused on risk management. We are determined to fix the gap
we had in Indonesia compared to other countries.

Our Capabilities
& Services

Crisis management
  1. Risk Assesment and Contingency Planning
  2. Crisis Management Support
  3. Business Continuity Risk Management
Credit Risk
  1. Credit Scoring Development
  2. Credit Risk Model Validation
  3. Corporate Risk Profile Development
  4. Credit Collection Strategy
Operational Risk
  1. ORM Tools and Implementation (RR, RCSA, KRI, IAM and LED)
  2. Managing Fraud Risk
Market Risk
  1. Stress Testing
  2. Asset & Liability Management
Liquidity Risk
  1. Fixed Asset Management
  2. Treasury Management
  1. Leadership
  2. HR Management
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance
  4. Strategic Planning & Budgetting

Our Values


Prospero will give you the best people that we have. Solutions that We will provide based on your needs, that is one of our Sincere value

Team Work

Prospero Team has separated based on their capability. As a Team Work, Prospero will bring more benefit to solve your problem


Everything that We will provide and/ or in progress must be Accountable


Each of Prospero members have their own responsibility to the clients. It's mean We will handle clients with the fullness Responsibility

Open Mindedness

Diversity and Open Mindedness is an important value in Prospero. Unification of the diversity in our people background, culture and gender

Our Clients

80 Finance, 15 Finance non Bank & 2 From Industrial Industry. Prospero expand the possibility of risk management throughout every business.

Learn how you can make the most of our products.

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Address :

Talavera Office Park, 8th Floor – Suite #03A, Jl. TB
Simatupang No. 23 Kav. 22 – 26. RT 003, RW 001, Kel.
Cilandak Barat, Kec. Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan – 12430
Phone : 021-22761670

Call Centre :

+62 21 51013339

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